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10 Common Types of Crystals & Their Meaning

by Idiongo Utuk 02 Oct 2022 0 Comments

The use of crystals dates to ancient cultures and civilizations, including Egypt, Greece, and China. And in today’s modern world, more and more people are embracing the healing powers of these gems on the body, mind, and soul.

While you don't need to be an expert to channel and benefit from the inherent energy of crystals, it can be helpful for you as a beginner to understand the use of some of the common types of crystals. Read on.

Types of Crystals and Their Meaning

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a white crystal that some consider a master healer. You can use it to amplify and balance your energy and improve your concentration and memory. Often, this gem is paired with other crystals, such as rose quartz, to enhance their offering.

Rose Quartz

As the name suggests, rose quartz is a pink stone known for its ability to guide the energy of love in your life. This crystal aids in restoring harmony and trust in relationships, enhance connections, encourage respect, trust, self-worth, and self-love, and provide comfort in times of grief.


The obsidian stone is believed to be big on protection and cleansing negative energies and blockages. You can use this stone to digest emotions and experiences to shield yourself from emotional and physical negativity, eliminate emotional blockages, promote qualities of compassion, strength, and clarity, and find your true sense of self.


The Amethyst stone is purple and is used for healing, protection, and purification. It can help to bring forth sincerity, humility, and spiritual wisdom, remove negative thoughts, aid sleep, and promote healthy choices.


Healing of the mind, body, and soul is the main quality of this blue stone. For instance, it reprents the body’s skeletal, respiratory, and immune systems. It also balances emotions, supports spiritual growth, and is a good luck charm.


Jasper is a smooth crystal known for its nurturing abilities. It is especially useful when tackling important issues. This stone empowers your spirit and supports you through stressful times, promotes courage, quick and critical thinking, and confidence. You can also use it as a shield against negative vibes.


Use citrine to bring joy and enthusiasm to your life. It helps to release negative emotions of fear and doubt, encourages warmth, clarity, motivation, creativity, and optimism in all you do, and enhances concentration and mindfulness.

Tiger’s eye

This golden stone packs the energy you need to boost your motivation, bring harmony and balance to your life, guide your decision-making, and rid your mind of negative emotions of fear, anxiety, and self-doubt.


Moonstone is the crystal to have when embarking on new beginnings. It encourages inner strength, promotes intuition and positive thinking, and brings success and good fortune to help you move forward. You, therefore, get support on your new ventures.


This last crystal on our list of common crystals is associated with royalty and wisdom. Sapphire is known to attract peace, happiness, and prosperity, promote positive vibes, clear your vision, and open your mind to intuition and beauty.

Tips to Care for Your Crystals

An essential step before using crystals is cleansing them. You want to remove any negative energy the crystals may have picked up before.

After buying your crystals, dip them in Himalayan salt water for 48 hours to remove any accrued energy, use a selenite wand to cleanse them, and remember to ‘charge’ them during full and new moons.

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