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The Crescent Foundation

The Crescent Foundation is a solutions-focused organization with the sole purpose of serving the Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) community.

Metamorphidi LLC proudly stands with the Crescent Foundation and the intentions driving this initiative. The organization will receive 100% of your donations and is tax deductible.

As a Sickle Cell Warrior myself this foundation is truly near and dear to my heart as they have personally assisted me with their advocation services.

Additionally, the Crescent Foundation has served hundreds of Sickle Cell Warriors across the United States and beyond. Their commitment to the SCD community is unwavering and their initiatives have made a true difference in the SCD space.

The Crescent Foundation is dedicated to providing assistance to those affected by Sickle Cell Disease in the form of advocacy, mentorship, and support. The organization reaches out to SCD Warriors offering assistance with medical navigation, social security assistance, insurance coverage, health navigation, and more. Most importantly, the Crescent Foundation offers emotional support to those struggling with SCD.


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