Gemstone Dictionary

Blue Lace Agate - This stone is an amazingly supportive, calming, & healing crystal. The wavy striations throughout the stone resemble blue ocean waves as well as look and feel as though they will wash your troubles away. This stone activates & heals the throat chakra so that we can gently express our thoughts & feelings freely. Blue Lace is also great for public speaking & soothing our most intense & fiery emotions. Place this soothing crystal in your non-dominant hand (receiving) when you want assistance relaxing & hold this crystal in your dominant hand (giving) when wanting to communicate truthfully.

Corresponding Chakras: Throat; 3rd Eye; Crown

Meditative Mantra: I speak my truth calmly and gently. I am always aligned with divine timing.

Moss Agate - This stone supports new beginnings, cultivates an appreciation for nature & a deeper connection to Mother Earth. It is an excellent cleanser of physical & emotional issues. Moss Agate reduces fear & stress while also encouraging hope. It uplifts those going through depression, balances emotions as well as promotes communication & self-expression. Moss Agate attracts abundance, prosperity, & all aspects of love. It is an excellent stone for those working in agriculture by helping crops grow & midwifery by working to reduce pain. Placing this stone with your houseplants increases their overall health. Moss Agate can assist with manifesting our desires & reaching goals by magnifying the energy of our intention.

Moss Agate brings peace and stability to the emotional body. It soothes and promotes inner calm, allowing us to move forward with greater determination. The deep, grounding energy of Moss Agate connects us with Mother Earth energy & the abundance of nature.

Corresponding Chakras: Root; Heart

Meditative Mantra: I am a child of Mother Earth. I trust my heart to know the way.

Blue Apatite - The Blue Apatite crystal, with its captivating hue reminiscent of serene waters, is a stone of inspiration and manifestation. Known for its ability to stimulate the intellect and enhance creativity, this crystal ignites a sense of motivation and clarity, making it a perfect companion for artists, writers, and students. With its energy of self-expression and communication, Blue Apatite assists in overcoming fears and embracing one's true potential. This crystal also supports emotional healing, promoting a sense of peace, harmony, and deepening spiritual awareness. Allow the Blue Apatite to guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and unlock your inner wisdom.

Corresponding Chakra: Throat; 3rd Eye

Meditative Mantra: I know where I am going and I see how my fits in The Grand Design.

Amethyst - This royally peaceful crystal is part of the quartz family. Meditating with amethyst when we are emotionally off-kilter can bring peace & tranquillity. She is a highly spiritual & protective crystal that enhances our own spiritual awareness.

Amethyst guards against psychic attack while shifting the negative energy to love. This high vibrational stone helps us become more focused, Amethyst aids us in making decisions, improves our motivation, & enhances memory. It can help alleviate recurring nightmares & assist those suffering from insomnia by placing this crystal under the pillow.

WARNING: Amethyst can fade in the sun. This stone should not be used with cases of schizophrenia or paranoia as it can enhance symptoms.

Corresponding Chakras: Throat; 3rd Eye; Crown

Meditative Mantra: I am calm, peaceful, & relaxed in my mind, body, & spirit. I honor my body as my sacred temple.

Yellow Aventurine: The Yellow Aventurine crystal, with its warm and vibrant energy, is a stone of abundance and positivity. It radiates a joyful and optimistic aura, inviting prosperity and good luck into your life. This crystal is known for its ability to boost self-confidence and amplify personal power, making it a valuable tool for manifesting dreams and achieving goals. Yellow Aventurine also stimulates the intellect and enhances mental clarity, promoting a clear and focused mind. It is particularly beneficial for those seeking to attract wealth, success, and a sense of inner strength.

Corresponding Chakras: Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura).

Meditative Mantra: "I am confident and abundant, attracting success and prosperity into my life."

African Bloodstone

Bloodstone (aka Heliotrope) - This beautifully speckled stone is a form of green jasper with spots of red hematite & revitalizes the exhausted mind & body. It is an ancient & powerful blood cleanser that also stimulates our ability to dream. It is considered the "Stone of Courage". Bloodstone increases creativity, stimulates dreaming, & heightens our intuition. This stone also cleanses and realigns the lower 3 chakras to the heart. The ancient Khemetians (Egyptians) even used it to shrink tumors. Use bloodstone to assist you to cleanse your life of what no longer serves you.

Corresponding Chakras: Root; Sacral; Solar Plexus; Heart

Meditative Mantra: I live in the present moment. I am guided by my inner strength.

Green Calcite - This smooth powerful stone assists us while meditating by helping us to create space from our thoughts, & with practice, release all thought. Calcite receives its name from the Greek word “chalix” which means lime. Green calcite enhances relaxation, releases stress & resentment we may harbor in our hearts. It helps to balance our emotions & mood. helps to dissolve old energy patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back.

Corresponding Chakras: Heart; Higher Heart

Meditative Mantra: "I open my heart to love and healing energy, embracing growth and transformation."

Orange Calcite - This pleasantly smooth gemstone assists in sharpening our memory, aids us when studying & increases energy. Orange Calcite cleanses the lower chakras, subtly draws out fear, helps us overcome depression, hopelessness, or apathy, allowing optimism to come in. It can also boost our creativity and sexual energy. This type of calcite integrates our spiritual & physical bodies, increases our self-esteem, & assists in transmuting past traumas by helping us realize insights from higher chakras down into our lower chakras to be instinctually processed. The soft vibrations of this stone help us let go of stuck feelings gently then infuses positive mental energy in our emotional body after we've had a much needed emotional release. Orange Calcite also supports those of us with social phobias & suffer from shyness. This crystal is also excellent for shamanic work.

Corresponding Chakras: Root; Sacral; Solar Plexus

Meditative Mantras: I embrace change in my life. I am filled with creativity. I co-create my reality from my sacred place of giving.

Carnelian - This fiery beauty grounds & stabilizes us into our present reality. Carnelian is full of vital life force energy & can uplift our sacral chakra while stimulating creativity as well as our metabolism. The name comes from the Latin word meaning “flesh”. This stone helps us to overcome any kind of negative conditioning or abuse. Carnelian strengthens our analytic abilities, helps to trust ourselves, clarifies our perception, & can assist in silencing the nonstop chatter in our minds while meditating or when focus and concentration is needed to make a decision. This powerful stone never needs cleansing, even has the ability to cleanse other stones. It can burn away negative emotions, such as rage or resentment, grounds us in reality, & become and/or keep us aware of unconditional love permeating around us.

Corresponding Chakras: Root; Sacral; Solar Plexus (when yellow is present)

Meditative Mantra: I courageously express my creativity. I confidently & powerfully act to manifest my dreams.

Celestite (Celestine) - This crystal was coined by the Greeks to mean "celestial" and is also the Latin word for “heavenly” this powder blue beauty is a high vibrational stone that can stimulate spiritual enlightenment. She balances energy, promotes restful sleep, eliminates toxins from the body. This uplifting stone is known to invite angels into our space & communicate with our guardian angels. This crystal purifies our aura, alleviates worries, anxiety, stress, & depression. Use celestite while meditating to help silence the automatic chatter of thoughts in our mind. Celestite dissolves pain & calls in love. It also primarily elevates psychic abilities of clairaudience (clear hearing), intuition, & prophecy. Celestite should not be placed in direct sunlight as the pale blue color can fade over time.

Corresponding Chakras: Throat; 3rd Eye; Crown

Meditative Mantra: My ancestors, angels,& guides are always with me.

Charoite - Considered to be "The stone of Transformation", Charoite assists us in overcoming fear, helps us to realize & readjust when our lives have been lead by other people's thoughts & programs hence giving us the ability to securely forge our own path. Charoite assists us in overcoming exhaustion, frustration, as well as feelings of alienation by balancing the crown chakra, & assists us in becoming of service to others. This crystal benefits healers & spiritual workers alike while aiding us in letting go of fears & outdated thinking. It was named after the Chara River & only comes from the Sakha Republic, Siberia, Russia. Charoite overcomes exhaustion, regulates pulse & blood pressure rates, & grounds high-frequency energy into the body while transmuting illness into wellness.

Corresponding Chakras: Heart; Crown

Meditative Mantra: I clearly forge my own path. I trust I have what it takes to start something new!

Citrine - Often called the "Stone of Prosperity", ancient beings once said this gorgeous crystal holds the light of the sun so much so that it never has to be charged or cleansed. It absorbs, grounds, & transmutes negative energy while being very protective of our environment. Citrine raises our self-esteem, helps us develop a more positive attitude, & is an ideal crystal for all kinds of artists. It helps us go with the flow instead of ruminating on the past. This electrifying crystal can fade in the sun.

Put this crystal with you to the bank, to business meetings involving finances, or place citrine on your desk and gaze at it while you work. Citrine can help you attract abundance and financial wealth and stability.

Corresponding Chakras: Sacral; Solar Plexus; 3rd Eye; Crown

Meditative Mantra: I am abundantly blessed! Joy is my birthright!

Hematite - This stone is very effective for grounding & protecting while harmonizing our mind, body, & spirit. It clears negativity & brings peace & harmony to the body by balancing the meridians, which are subtle energy channels throughout the body. Hematite helps us to come to terms with our mistakes so we can accept them as learning experiences. It helps us to concentrate & enhances our memory. This stone is also very useful when studying technical subjects.

Corresponding Chakras: Root

Meditative Mantra: I create harmony within & around me. I accept and know every experience as life lessons.

Dalmatian Jasper:

Dalmatian Jasper, a striking crystal named after its resemblance to the famous spotted dog breed, is a stone of joy, playfulness, and grounding. With its unique combination of black and white spots, this crystal brings a sense of balance and harmony to one's life. Dalmatian Jasper is renowned for its ability to infuse positivity, dispel negativity, and foster a sense of fun and lightheartedness. It encourages self-reflection and helps in breaking down barriers and patterns that hold us back, allowing us to move forward with confidence and courage. This crystal also aids in grounding energy, making it a valuable tool for those seeking stability and connection with the Earth.

Corresponding Chakras: Root, Sacral

Meditative Mantra: I am grounded and joyful, embracing the balance within me.

Red Jasper - The grounding stone red jasper absorbs negative energy, reveals problems before they become huge issues & proves insight during really difficult situations. It calms our emotions, cleanses the base/root chakra, stabilizes our aura & encourages honesty within. This stone strengthens the blood, liver, & entire circulatory system. Put one under your pillow to assist in recalling your dreams.

Corresponding Chakras: Root

Meditative Mantra: I am a cosmic child of Mother Earth

Black Kyanite (aka Disthene) - This powerful fan-shaped crystal removes blocked energy especially on an emotional level. It deflects specific sources of psychic attack

and helps us discover and work through the causes of our deeply set unconscious resistance. Black Kyanite protects us from the negative energies of others, sends it back to them, & protects our aura like a shield. This crystal also keeps us calm, rebalances energy & removes debris from negative energy blocks. By placing black kyanite on our crown chakra it can remove deeply set unconscious resistance in our system. Black Kyanite does not need cleansing as it does not absorb negative energy & is one of the best stones for cutting cords from energy vampires.

Corresponding Chakras: Root; Sacral; Solar Plexus; Crown; All Chakras

 Meditative Mantra: I am able to learn from and heal unconscious cycles.