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    I purchased 3 beautiful Shugnite necklaces and 1 ring from Metamorphidi a while back. The pieces are beautifully crafted, and healing energy emanated from the crystals. I do not typically order crystals from people, as I like to shop for them in person and allow myself to be drawn to the right ones. Metamorphidi was able to pair me with the right stones on her own! I love that and I will definitely purchase from her again!

    - Naio

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    Simply put, my first Reiki session with Ms. Idi added a lot more than a spark to my life almost immediately. It was as if I was broken apart before, and she helped put me back together. The transformation I received from just one session was a lot more than I had expected, but was definitely what I always wanted. A strong focus and drive to complete my own life's goals. I am beyond grateful to Ms. Idi and her work and suggest anyone that's going through their own trials in life to give her a call asap. You won't regret it.

    - Keith Smith

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    The custom crystal pieces are so beautiful. They are wrapped with intention and are the perfect size for me! Love the vibes I feel when I wear them and I get compliments every time I do.

    - Ediomi L.

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    My Reiki session with Idi was amazing! She made me feel completely comfortable and safe. I hadn't felt that relaxed in a long time, and I slept like a baby afterwards.

    -Dr. Mekeme U. DC, MT

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