About Empress Empath Idi

Empress Empath Idi is a clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, awakening soul who uses her gifts as a guidepost to assist fellow souls on this journey called Life. She believes every cross we bare serves us as a learning tool to dig deeper into who we truly are. The light and darkness we each encounter in our lives are opportunities for growth and alignment within.

When Empress Idi is not oracle card reading for others, she loves hand pouring Illumine Crystal Candles™, designing crystal jewelry, and creating lush whipped body soufflés (all of which are coming soon to www.metamorphidi.com). She has a particular interest in researching world religions, especially the Yoruba religion, Ifa.

Empress Empath Idi views her awakening experiences as a lifelong affair. She was born in Calabar, Nigeria to her father, Rev. Dr. Efiong Utuk, (Now, an ancestor) and her mother, Affiong Utuk, who is a retired nurse anesthetist. She is the oldest of four incredibly intuitive and talented siblings all working in various aspects of holistic self-healing modalities.

Empress Empath Idi's journey with Sickle Cell Anemia and other chronic illnesses has led her to experience what many in the spiritual community call “the dark night of the soul". Her journey with Sickle Cell has led to multiple near-death experiences, numerous out of body experiences, receiving healing from higher dimensional entities and eventually receiving two kidney transplants from selfless departed Earth angels who donated life as their last gifts upon their transition.

She continues to gain wisdom through life lessons on gratefulness, setting boundaries and self-love in the midst of physical, mental, and emotional crises. Please click here to learn more about Sickle Cell and The Crescent Foundation, a non-profit organization that advocates for and supports many souls who live with this painful blood disorder.

Empress Empath Idi created Metamorphidi LLC as an offering to the world to share her love of crystals and spiritual curios that assist us in calming and enriching the mind, body, and soul connection. All Metamorphidi crystals and gems have been infused with Usui Reiki for the minimum of 28 days as well as charged with Mother Nature’s love. It takes many crystals millions of years to be created, and they are each individually imbued with their own ancient wisdom. Empress Empath Idi offers Certified Usui Reiki and Crystal Healing sessions. Click here to make an appointment.