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7 Self-care Healing Crystals to Add to Your Collection

by Idiongo Utuk 12 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Healing crystals possess properties that help to recalibrate and align the health of your mind, body, and soul. This explains their application in self-care, a practice that dates back to ancient civilizations.

Fortunately, you don’t need to belong to a specific religion or society to benefit from the healing powers of crystals. Anyone can reap these benefits, and so can you.

Self-care healing crystals promote reconnection with your true self. The following are the best crystals in this category.

Smoky Quartz

Purpose: relaxation

As the master relaxer, smoky quartz is the best pick for you if your days often end with depletion, physical tension, and stress. And with the busyness of the modern world, this could be every day for most people.

To finish off your day, hold on to some smoky quartz and meditate. Go a step further and wear this stone as a pendant or bracelet to avert low energies.

Rose Quartz

Purpose: self-love and compassion

Rose quartz is the go-to healing crystal when it comes to matters of the heart. When the heart is wounded, this stone will help you heal and prepare it to receive love when the time is right. Further, you will learn to love yourself more and have more compassion when in the presence of rose quartz.


Purpose: enhance intuition and feminine energy

Moonstone, the Great Mother, focuses your intuition and helps you tap into your feminine energy. It guides you to recognize your true desires and listen to your body’s needs. You will learn to slow and soften down and go with the flow.


Purpose: the spiritual healer

By now, you probably know that there is more to life than the physical realm – there is a lot more going on at the spiritual level. Amethyst aligns your chakras and guides you to confidently and harmoniously take your rightful place in life.

In your space, amethyst will also ward off low vibes and energy and enhance high sacred vibrations of peace and calm.


Purpose: all-round health

Jade is the ideal self-care healing crystal for reconnecting and tapping into the energy of Mother Earth. As such, it brings positivity and balance in your life, including an abundance of health and wealth.


Purpose: boost assertiveness

With its vibrant green color, Malachite offers more than interior décor. This stone raises your level of vibration to bring out your confidence and firmness. You will learn to set healthy boundaries to ensure positivity for the benefit of your physical and mental health.


Purpose: emotional balance and calm

Your collection of healing stones is incomplete if you don't have opal in it. This stone is a perfect soother when you're overwhelmed with emotions and vulnerability. In its presence, you will feel lovely and grounded.

When everything seems to move too fast, take deep breaths while holding opal to calm the storm.

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