Natural Kyanite Bead Stone Bracelet

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Natural Kyanite Bead Stone Bracelet

Embrace the balancing and aligning energies of our Natural Kyanite Bead Stone Bracelet. Crafted with 11*15mm kyanite beads, this simple yet elegant bracelet is designed to be a powerful accessory for both women and men.

Kyanite is renowned for its unique ability to align all the chakras instantly, promoting a sense of harmony and tranquility. This beautiful stone is particularly beneficial for academic and professional pursuits, as it enhances communication, fosters logical thinking, and aids in accessing high-level insights.

This bracelet not only serves as a stylish piece of jewelry but also functions as a powerful tool for maintaining a balanced magnetic field and promoting overall well-being.


  • Material: Natural Kyanite Gemstone
  • Bead Size: 11*15mm
  • Bracelet Type: Energy Stone Bracelet
  • Suitable For: Women and Men
  • Usage: Academic Support, Magnetic Field Balancing, Energy Healing

All Metamorphidi items are imbued with Usui Reiki for a minimum of 28 days (1 moon cycle), enhancing their natural properties and ensuring they arrive charged and ready to support your well-being. Please plan one month ahead for gift-giving to ensure timely delivery.

Note: Like us, all gemstones are unique and may look slightly different from the pictures shown.

Enhance your academic and professional endeavors with the harmonizing energy of kyanite, beautifully encapsulated in this simple and powerful bracelet.

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