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Seven Chakra Stones Set

Seven Chakra Stones Set

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Are you feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed? Do you struggle to find balance and harmony in your life? If so, our Seven Chakra Stones Set may be just what you need to help you restore inner peace and stability.

Our Seven Chakra Stones Set consists of seven gemstones, each one representing a different chakra in the body. The gemstones included in the set are amethyst, lapis lazuli, blue lace agate, green aventurine, yellow calcite, carnelian, and red jasper. By placing these stones on the corresponding chakras, you can harness their healing energies to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This set can be used for meditation, energy healing, or simply as a beautiful addition to your crystal collection.

Crystals for Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing


Set of 7 chakra stones include:

Clear Crystal Quartz (All Chakras)

Amethyst (Crown Chakra)

Lapis Lazuli (3rd Eye and Throat Chakras)

Green Aventurine (Heart Chakra)

Yellow Aventurine (Solar Plexus)

Carnelian (Sacral and Root Chakras)

Red Jasper (Root Chakra)

Set your intentions and use these for relaxation, meditation, chakra balancing, or Reiki sessions where you can find here. Each spiritual healing stone has a specific color and psychic vibration, emitting positive energy to attune and cleanse your auric field.

All Metamorphidi items are imbued with Usui Reiki for a minimum of 28 days (1 moon cycle). As such, please plan one month ahead for gift giving.

Like us, all gemstones are unique and may look slightly different from the pics shown


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