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Natural Crystal Cellphone Holders

Natural Crystal Cellphone Holders

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"Protect Your Health with Natural Crystal Cellphone Holders"

We all pay way too much time on our phone. Why not allow your crystal friends charge you up while you're scrolling?

If you're looking for a unique and eco-friendly way to hold your cell phone, look no further than natural crystal cellphone holders. Made from natural crystals like Agate (Random Colors), Fluorite, Rose Quartz Crystals, these holders are both functional and beautiful. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each crystal has its own unique healing properties.

Not only are these holders aesthetically pleasing, but they also have practical benefits. The natural crystal material is believed to help reduce electromagnetic radiation emitted by cellphones, making it a healthier option for your daily use. Plus, the crystal's energy is said to enhance your mood and overall well-being. So not only will you have a stylish holder, but you'll also be reaping the benefits of natural crystal healing.

All Metamorphidi items are imbued with Usui Reiki for a minimum of 28 days (1 moon cycle)

As such, please plan one month ahead for gift giving.

Like us, all gemstones are unique and may look slightly different from the pics shown

Material: Agate (Random Colors), Fluorite, Rose Quartz Crystals

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