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Rose Quartz Crystal Yoni Egg Set

Rose Quartz Crystal Yoni Egg Set

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This is a very beautiful natural Rose Quartz Crystal Yoni Egg Set for kegel exercise that can be used to treat the most sensitive and delicate areas of your body. This rose quartz heart chakra stone helps to connect your root, sacral and heart chakras to relieve physical, mental, and emotional pain and tension as well as promote circulation and increases blood flow, making you feel more rejuvenated. A perfect gift to your lover or for yourself!

We highly recommend incorporating kegel exercises into your daily routine for optimal pelvic floor health. The Rose Quartz Crystal Yoni Egg Set is the perfect tool to enhance these exercises, while also harnessing the healing properties of rose quartz. The smooth surface of the egg allows for easy insertion and comfortable use, while the weight of the crystal increases the intensity of the kegel workout.

Not only does this Yoni Egg Set offer physical benefits, but it also promotes emotional well-being. Rose quartz is known to be the stone of love and self-care, fostering feelings of compassion, inner peace, and harmony. Incorporating this crystal into your kegel exercise practice can help to create a deeper connection with your body, promoting a sense of self-love and acceptance. It's an excellent investment in your overall wellness and a luxurious addition to your self-care routine.

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